manufacturing estructures products for assmblies solar plants

One of the strengths of SC energias is its inherited experience of CSolar Estructuras Company, manufacturer of structures for solar systems with extensive knowledge and experience in the Spanish market.
To develop this point, SC energias has factory and logistics center in the north of Chile about 10,000 sqm, specifically in Iquique which is a strategic area for import and export material from other countries. The factory is equipped with latest technology machinery for manufacture aluminum and steel structures. Among other machines, has numerically controlled machining centers, cutting centers, stamping presses, etc.
All our structures are accompanied by certificates and verification reports for the particular installation. Wind tunnel studies, compliance with local regulations, quality certificates materials and easy assembly. All this put our structures at the forefront in this field.
Our R & D objectives seek for new solutions that facilitate assembly and increase the safety and durability of photovoltaic installations.